Mehmeet SyedBorn in the heart of the beautiful Kashmir valley, Mehmeet Syed has completely revived the love of music among millions of Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris all over the world. Her mother Yasmeen Mir, a music graduate, was an inspiration for the young Mehmeet.

Mehmeet’s singing career started at the age of six, when she performed for the first time on the stage of her school, the Presentation Convent. Not only did she impress her fellow students, she earned the respect of her teachers and the principal to the extent that they would request her performance at all future school events.

Her early childhood fame encouraged her to take formal music lessons. At a very young age, she would spend numerous hours every day with her mother learning the most difficult tunes and the Indian classical raagas. In addition to mastering the art of vocal singing, she also learned to play several musical instruments including the harmonium. And she did all this during the times when Kashmir was going through the tough political and social unrest. Mehmeet says she owes her success to the unconditional love and support of her father Syed Makhdoomi, her mother and her brother Muheet Syed.

In 2004, still a teenager, Mehmeet was ready for show time. With the help of local music lovers, Mehmeet did something was never done before in the history of Kashmiri music. She with the help of local composers, worked brilliantly to create her first video album titled “Cholhama Roshay Roshay”. The album was released to the market by Neel Akash Films in 2005. That album created instant ripples not only in the Kashmir valley, but as far as USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Overnight Mehmeet became an icon and a common household name.

After the first hit album Mahmeet released six additional albums and each one maintained the #1 spot for months and some cases years. A teenage girl turned super star started receiving invitations from television, films and radio. Mehmeet has received numerous awards for reviving Kashmiri music and for influencing the youth of Kashmir to follow the path of peace and love. For her contribution to the music and her inspiration to the youth of Kashmir, Mehmeet was nominated to receive the prestigious “Padma Shri” award, the highest civilian honor award in India. Mehmeet also received an achievement award from the President of India A. P. J Abdul Kalam personally.

Her fame took a sad turn. In 2007 Mehmeet’s mother became terminally ill and the news of her mother’s illness brought Mehmeet back to her home. She stopped performing for nearly 4 years until her mother passed away. Mehmeet refers to this part of her life as the most difficult part where nothing mattered more than being by the side of her mother and making sure her final days were peaceful.

In 2014, Mehmeet made a comeback and started performing again and working on her brand new video album. Early 2015, she did her first ever concert in New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Washington DC and several other cities in the United States of America. All of her concerts were sold out creating a huge wave on the social media and additional concert request from all over the world. The success of her USA concerts was followed by additional international concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. resulting in a renewed love for the Kashmiri music among the Kashmiri diaspora.

Despite of her fame and busy schedule, Mehmeet managed to acquire not one but three Masters Degrees from the University of Kashmir and Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). She is passionate about learning and is currently taking lessons to play violin. Millions of her fans are eagerly awaiting her next album release and she is in the final stages of finishing the album and plans to release it to the market in 2017.

Mehmeet has an amazing voice, referred to as the nightingale of Kashmir. The camera loves Mehmeet and her melodious voice softly touches the listener’s heart. She has already made it to the history books of Kashmir as a girl who transformed and revived the love of Kashmiri music. Her mission is to promote the love of music in Kashmir, in India and other international destinations, especially among the younger generation.